Creative Nano IKE (Cnano)

Creative Nano is a research intensive and commercialization company providing technological solutions in the field of materials’ nanoscience and nanotechnology. The company, originally founded in 2013 as Artia NanoEngineering & Consulting, got its current form after merging with Creative Nano at 2018. Cnano is a research-intensive, pilot/small batch production provider, based in the industrial area in western Athens area in the Municipality of Peristeri. Cnano’s core team consists of a number of dynamic and highly qualified, MSc and PhD level scientists and engineers demonstrating long experience in their respective research fields. Cnano has considerable expertise in the fields of surface treatment, development and validating advanced materials and nanomaterials and on the assessment of their environmental impact. Cnano is providing technological services, scientific advice and support on demand to customers in various fields such as automotive, aerospace, environment and oil & gas.

Cnano has a major role in the project targeting in delivering a sustainable electroplating method for applying hard protective coating, alternative to hard chromium, in applications such as rods for shock absorbers in collaboration with Tenneco and in cutting links of chain saws for Husqvarna. All specimens are coated in the pilot line of the company.