Cromomed S.A. starts its activities in March 1993 to solve the necessity of hard chrome plating and electrical discharge texturing (EDT) development for the steelmaking intended for automotive industry. Before the use of these technologies, the cold rolling process used non-chrome rollers. The absence of this chrome surface caused the wear and tear of the roughness obtained by means of grit blasting. Moreover, the grit blasting impeded obtaining roughness over 3 – 5 microns. The grit blasting technology depends on the local microhardness of the roller surface, giving nonuniform values in several points over a specific range.

All of these problems were solved by the use of EDT, and the later hard chrome plating of rollers surface. Besides, the EDT process allows homogeneous values, and high microroughness reproducibility. The emergence of high strength steels with low thickness (ULSAB project), new water paint techniques for exposed panels, and new high speed steels, increased these advantages from 2004. The company has expanded its activities to other sectors since that date, especially on the application of those technologies for aluminium rolling and stainless steel rolling. Since it is necessary to have a very precise geometric profile to achieve good values of plenitude, and optic undulation in the process material; the company installed in 2005 a roller grinding equipment of the latest generation.

In spite of the crisis that affect all the European economy from 2009, the company maintains prudent development plans for new technologies on an ongoing basis. The company considers that only through innovation and high added value products manufacturing is possible to keep it within a complex industrial environment. In this environment, launching ambitious projects with a medium and long term development perspective is very difficult. In this regard, the company has identified the Cold Gas Spray (CGS) technology as a good basis to develop several coatings in a wider range of application sectors.