Falex Tribology NV is an SME by Belgian and European law, the joint-venture between the market leader in development and manufacturing of industrial standard tribological test equipment (Falex Corporation) and the Department of Materials Engineering (MTM KULeuven) of the Leuven University. Many lubricant and material testing standards (ASTM) in the fields of friction and wear, are written based on Falex test equipment and procedures. The Belgian entity serves Europe with technical support and sales of test equipment and more importantly, with a fully equipped test laboratory where custom tests, contract testing and tribology consulting projects are performed for industry and in co-operative projects.

Falex Tribology has also a permanent cooperation agreement with the German company Tetra GmbH, an engineering company specialized in high precision material testers, including tribological systems. These associations give access to high tech equipment and know-how to complement the facilities for Falex Tribology in tribology projects. The main value of Falex Tribology lies in the accumulated expertise and know-how of its staff. Since 15 years, Falex Tribology is known in Europe to provide specific ‘customer oriented’ advice and testing facilities in tribology and tribocorrosion for industry. Selecting the right test program for the customer’s requirements and boundary conditions, is our specialty.

Website: http://www.falex.eu