Wienerberger is the world’s largest producer of bricks and No. 1 on the clay roof tiles market in Europe with 204 prodution sites in 30 countries. We also hold leading positions in concrete pavers in CEE and pipe systems in Europe.

Clay blocks Nr. 1 worldwide

Facing bricks Nr. 1 in Europe co-leader in the USA

Clay roof tiles Nr. 1 in Europe

Plastic pipes Leading position in Europe

Ceramic pipes Nr. 1 in Europe

Concrete pavers Nr. 1 in Central-East Europe

Founded in 1819 as an Austrian brick manufacturer, Wienerberger has developed over the past three decades into an international building materials group that combines Clay Building Materials and Pipes & Pavers businesses. Strategic milestones in the company’s expansion include market entry in North America during 1999, the expansion of roofing systems starting in 2003 and the full takeover of the plastic pipe producer Pipelife in 2012. Today Wienerberger has a broad industrial base, high innovative strength and a strong corporate culture, and is well positioned to profit from a market recovery through organic growth.



  • Clay Building Materials Europe

  • Pipes & Pavers Europe

  • North America

  • Holding & Others

Production sites in the following countries:

Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Great Britain, Belgium, Macedonia, France, India, Canada, USA, Greece, Turkey, Ireland

Free float:                 100%

Revenues 2014:       € 2,834.5 mill.

Results 2014:            operating EBITDA € 317.2 mill.

                            operating EBIT € 100.2 mill.

Employees 2014:     14,828